-- The dragon who sealed the Three Heroes has made his move.

It has locked an area in Star Gate, breaking all outside contact. Your goal is to save those who the egoistic dragon have imprisoned -- Destroy the boss to win! Attack his stronghold, and liberate Star Gate!

Yet -- why does it seem that we're the ones who have lost?

Event DetailsEdit

NOTE: Not Finished

Defeat the Raid Boss! This event lasts for a few days (May 21-26, 2015)!

Raid Boss Current Health


Event Details: [Opponent] - Schwarzchild Dragon

Raid Boss Information

1) The Raid Boss starts the game at Grade 3, with the respective boss Unit! The Raid Boss also has 15000 base [Power], but cannot attack, call rear-guards, or call units to (GC) during the first two turns!

2) The Raid Boss cannot perform Stride!

3) It takes 6 damage to defeat the boss in a Cardfight, and each win subtracts 5 HP from the Raid Boss' total HP!

4) You can only attack the Raid Boss up to 5 times a day, and you go first! The Raid Boss is always second!

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